Pop Art + Cartoon Portraits

Our custom cartoon portraits turn a plain photo into a colorful cartoon style image like you might find in a comic book! Printed on fine art paper and suitable for framing... Great as a gift, for your kids' rooms, parties, birthday announcements, etc!

Bring us or send us your favorite close-up snapshot (or use one of our studio portraits!) and we'll give it a custom four-panel pop-art effect, paying homage to the classic
Warhol-style lithograph (think Marilyn Monroe).


(Note: Photos sent in for this process should be close-up, with flat lighting, i.e. no shadows on the face, and clearly visible eyes.)





Only $49.95 plus print size!


(print size)



(print price)




10x10 $35  
11x14 $45  
16x20 $55  
20x20 $65  
20x30 $95  

Traditional Portraits

Our portrait style is timeless and classic. In our studio, we shoot as many images as necessary until we get a satisfactory pose- unlike other shops, who may only shoot five images and make you choose from that limited amount. After the studio session, we can also do some Photoshop magic, like adding a vignette, soft focus, skin smoothing or re-touching to minimize the appearance of pores, blemishes, eye bags, and fine wrinkles.

With the price of every portrait shoot you will receive one free 8x10 of the final pose.

Portrait Pricing

Prices are quoted on a 'per pose' basis.

Copyrtight restricted:

Sitting fee and free 8x10- $29.95
additional prints $10/sheet

Copyright unrestricted:

sitting fee- $29.95
copyright release image to CD $49.95

Any special request photography is billed at $25/hour and $29.95 per final shot.
Copyright release- $49.95

Passport Photos
Passport portraits are shot and printed to the specifications of the country of citizenship. We do passports for any country!

Passport photos are $10.95 for U.S.A. and because of differing requirements, $15.95 for other countries.



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